Thank you to 2KL for giving my son the opportunity to be part of this family. He truly enjoys the camaraderie between his teammates while at the same time building his skills. C.E.
I wanted to thank you and the 2 Knights staff for a tremendous LAX season. The lessons my son learned will benefit him both on and off the field! We truly enjoyed the 2 Knights experience! R.G.
I want to thank you for a wonderful experience this season with 2 Knights. My son was thrilled! Great coaching, great new friends, and he developed into a better player. Thanks for all you do! Great season! M.K.
I wanted to drop a line to thank everybody on the 2 Knights coaching staff. My son truly enjoyed the coaches and made another team full of friends. He learned a lot. Thanks. B.H.
My wife and I would like to thank the 2 Knights Organization for such a great experience this summer. Our boys had a great time and both learned a lot this summer. We were very impressed with the coaches. They were always teaching and instructing the boys throughout practices and games. J.S.

We wanted to thank you for a great summer season, our first with 2 Knights. My son's experience was great and he learned a lot and you helped him improve his game. T.G.

I really enjoyed playing for 2 Knights the past 2 years and appreciate everything the coaches and the club did to help me prepare for college lacrosse. S.M.
My son had an excellent experience last summer. We were very impressed with your program. His coaches were excellent and he learned a lot. Thank you again for running a great program. T. B.
Thank you for everything. You were a great influence on my son. I being a former coach realize the value of good caring people. God bless, D.S.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play with 2 Knights over the last two years. It was a great experience. The exposure, development, and passion for lacrosse has helped me grow as a player and person. I am proud to say I will be attending Ohio Wesleyan University this fall, this would not have happened without being part of 2 Knights. Thanks so much, T. C.
It has been a great experience playing with 2 Knights for the last 3 summers. Thank you for everything. R.L.
To the Staff of 2 Knights: Just wanted to thank you for a great summer season! My son really enjoyed playing for 2 Knights this summer. He learned so much form his talented coaches and he always came home from practice/games with a positive attitude sharing what he learned. He was very fortunate to have the opportunity to play with such great people. Also, you run a very organized lacrosse organization and as parents we appreciate all the time that you devote to the kids. Sincerely, R.B.
Thank you for having the face-off clinic today. It was a great clinic. My son feels he learned a lot today. It has also built his self confidence. Matt Schomburg was a very good instructor. I was very impressed by him. Let us please know anytime there will be clinics run by Matt again. Vincent would definitely do any of them. Thanks again, L.C.
We can't thank you enough for all that you do for lacrosse. I have a son and daughter who have played in your program and am so impressed with the family atmosphere that is shown by all! P.G.
Nick Schmidt has added a new meaning to lacrosse to my son. Thank you, Nick for your great efforts in promoting lax! S.M.
Thanks to you all for a great summer lacrosse season. My son not only learned a great deal, but he had a great time meeting and playing with team members from other towns. It was an impressive group of boys both on the playing field and off, (due in large part to Matt's excellent coaching and direction), and I'm glad he got to be a part of it. Thanks again, P.O.
Chuck, thanks for all that you have done this summer for all of the kids you coached. I really can't thank you enough for all that you have done for my son. I happened to speak with a scout form Rutgers this weekend and he told me some of the things you have been doing for the kids. Chuck, thanks again and please pass our thanks on to Matt as well!! J.H.
Thanks for all you efforts in putting together this summers lax program. I have two boys who play and it has been a good experience. H.H.
I've been meaning to write you a note to let you know what a wonderful experience my son had with the 2 Knights Select Team. The experience has no doubt improved his lacrosse skills and increased his confidence level in playing the game. Thanks for having him be a part of the team. Without question, Jamie Lovejoy's coaching had the greatest impact on his experience, he is wonderful with the boys and obviously his lacrosse knowledge impacted the entire team. The level of coaching and opportunities for young players your organization provides is outstanding and we're happy to be associated with 2 Knights. Thank you for sharing you love an knowledge of the game with today's youth. We look forward to our continued involvement with 2 Knights Lacrosse. Regards, Mr. and Mrs. C
Jamie is a excellent coach. I caught my son looking up "Jamie Lovejoy" the other day on the internet! R.S.
My thanks to you and Chuck for all you do on behalf of 2 Knights- and behalf of lacrosse in general. Kindly, C.B.
I just wanted to thank you for the clinic that you put together for us. The feedback that I received from the parents, players, and coaches was that this was a tremendous success. Thanks Jamie, John, and Matt! None of the coaches expected you to spend the quality time with us that you did. Each of us learned a great deal. As always, when ever I have the opportunity to be around you and your great coaches, I am truly amazed at how much I learn. We appreciate the time that you spent with our kids. W. G
My son has had many contacts from college coaches. He has gained a lot of confidence in his play because of Matt. Thank you. D.H.
2 Knights Lacrosse is a very family oriented program. You make the players a huge priority. Your coaches are the best! It is great to see Chuck at every tournament, it shows that he cares about this program. J.J.